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Special Report

Manufactured Housing Communities Research Report

National Report, First Half 2019

Demand for Manufactured Housing Communities Remains Robust

Additional Buyers Generate Competition and Push Prices Higher

The rising cost of housing across the nation has bolstered the demand for lower-cost options. Last year this demand contributed to the vacancy rate in manufactured housing communities either holding steady or dropping in all regions. Vacancy in the Midwest posted the largest drop, though the vacancy level remains in the double digits. Within the region, the rate varies widely by metro, with Flint, Michigan, having the highest vacancy nationally at 37.3 percent. Vacancy in the West region, at 5.5 percent, is especially tight. This is particularly so in Denver, Seattle and Medford, Oregon, where rising single-family prices generate demand for less expensive housing and the manufactured housing community’s vacancy rate rests below 2.0 percent.

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