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Special Report

Capital Markets - Into the Unknown

December 2022

Will Capital Markets Liquidity Revive?
Key Trends to Look for in the Year Ahead

As the Federal Reserve continues its rate hikes to curb inflation, the capital markets have responded with overwhelming caution until there is clarity on when the Fed will stop and where interest rates are likely to settle. Several questions compound this uncertainty, including volatility in the stock market, geopolitical risk, decelerating rent growth, falling home prices, and cap rate inflation. Lenders and investors alike are taking an observant pause to avoid “catching a falling knife,” while using this time to raise funds for what they believe will be impending distress in the commercial real estate market, much like they did in 2020 after the onset of the pandemic. In 2020, the capital providers that took the risk to lend or invest tended to come out on top, while much of the market missed the opportunity, due to an abundance of caution.

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