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Special Report

Canada Broadway Plan

February 2023

The Broadway Plan a Major Boon for
Vancouver Commercial Real Estate

Broadway Plan sets stage for large-scale development. Last year, Vancouver approved the long-awaited Broadway Plan. This 30-year project focuses on opportunities to integrate new housing, jobs and amenities around the Millennium subway line extension, in preparation for robust population growth. The plan calls for public transit expansion and major housing developments, as well as further office and retail additions. By the project’s end, it will span nearly 500 blocks and has the potential to create 30,000 new housing units, accommodate 50,000 new residents, and add an additional 42,000 jobs. The commercial real estate industry, as a result, is expected to witness significant investment and development over the next decade. The area will begin to transform from a predominantly low-density residential area and small, local retail community to a 15-minute city, where most of the average needs can be found within the designed plan.

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